Sanger Sequencing

Sequencing equencing service in short:

  • Separate sample and primer or premix
  • Free universal primers
  • Single sequencing reaction with a run-time corresponding to either 1.100 nt (long run) or 550 nt (short run) 
  • Data analysis occurs automatically by PHRED, the international standard software for superior base calling and sequence data interpretation 
  • You will receive a full report of the sequencing reaction, including sequence data in FASTA and SCF format 
  • No manual data editing 
  • One automatic re-run of reactions that do not meet our quality standards
  • Delivery time: 1 - 2 working days


Purified plasmid or PCR products 
Column purified DNA dissolved in water or 10mM Tris (pH8.0). Please note that DNA samples should be free of EDTA and ethanol since trace amounts of these compounds will inhibit the sequence reaction.

  • Dilute your plasmid samples to 50 – 250 ng/ul with a minimum of 20 ng/μl per kb in a minimal volume of 20 ul.
  • For purified PCR products 2 ng/μl per 100bp is sufficient in a minimal volume of 20 ul.

 The samples should be submitted in "traxis" tubes that are provided for free!

For more information please contact or write an email:

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