Next Gen Sequencing service

NGS services:

- genome de novo sequencing: For genomes that need to be sequenced for the first time, we offer our De Novo Sequencing service. With our many years of experience, highly qualified specialists and state-of-the-art technologies we can assist you with even the most challenging De Novo sequencing projects. We can provide complete start-to-finish project management with customized analysis and data reporting.

         For most De Novo sequencing projects we recommend a hybrid strategy. With the SMRT technology (Single Molecule Real Time sequencing) of the PacBio RS II platform we can offer long sequence reads (up to 30 kbp, and average of 3-4 kbp’s / read) to create a backbone. We will also sequence your genome on the Illumina HiSEQ2500 platform (single or paired-end reads) to get sufficient coverage and thus reliable results.

- re-sequencing: Our re-sequencing service is helpful to discover and confirm SNPs, to identify chromosomal rearrangements, to map break points and to detect rare variants.

- transcriptome sequencing (RNA-SEQ): With our mRNA-Seq service you can unlimited discover and profile the entire transcriptome. With no probes or primers to design, the mRNA-Seq method can deliver unbiased and unparalleled information about the transcriptome.

- small-RNA sequencing: Our Small RNA discovery and analysis service allows the discovery of rare small RNA without previous sequence or secondary structure information in any organism. Via this service we can find novel small RNA, characterize mutations and analyse the differential expression of all small RNA in your sample simultaneously.

- metagenomics: the most popular service. Metagenomics is referred to as the study of the collective genomes of all microorganisms present in a sample. The genetic material recovered from a sample can be analysed to determine which organisms are present in the sample and their relative abundance. The analysis are usually based on Illumina MiSeq sequencing with paired-end reads up to 300bp. It is possible to first amplify specific regions such as the 16Ss gene of bacteria or the  ITS gene of fungi or to perform shot gun sequencing of the total genomic DNA. The final sequencing strategy will be determined in close collaboration between the customer and our project managers.

- ChiP-Seq: ChIP-Seq is a powerful tool for genome-wide mapping of histone modifications, protein-DNA interactions, and identifying consensus protein-binding sites in DNA. We also perform the bioinformatics and statistical analyses, and send you the results in publication-ready format.

Our partner in NGS sequencing service is BaseClear:

Experience: we have a wide experience in performing de novo, mi-RNA, metagenomics and ChiP-SEQ projects. For more information please contact:


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